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H.E.A.L. Integrative Therapy has 4 locations. In NYC, Angela has a primary practice in Long Island City, Queens and a couple days in Manhattan on 40th and Lexington. She works on St.John and St.Croix (U.S.V.I.) in  3-6 week cycles 3-4 times a year. You can find a more updated schedule of her travels below.  When you book, please note, this link is for LIC LAB in Long Island City for now.


You will need to reach out directly for city appointments and when I am on island. I stay up to date with all my sessions and travel via social media (Instagram/Facebook).

2024 Travel Schedule

September-December 2023: Long Island City + NYC

January : Long Island City + NYC + St.John [TBA]

February: Long Island City + NYC

March-April: St.John + St.Croix [TBA]

April-September: Long Island City + NYC

October-November: St.John+ St.Croix [TBA]

December: Long Island City + NYC


*Travel in the Virgin Islands is subject to change. Please stay up to date on social media.

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