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"Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you."

-Joseph Depaolo

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My name is Angela Alfieri and I am the founder of H.E.A.L. Integrative Therapy. H.E.A.L., a method and model, was designed for experiential learning and living. It is also a foundation that nourishes the power of the body-mind connection, somatic healing, the nervous system, emotional intelligence, as well as our interdependent relationship with Nature.

When we work together, I like to cultivate presence-a place where we can both be seen, heard and valued. It is something I believe is a large component as to why many of us are in pain and how we can come back to meet our wholeness again. With that, I offer a sacred space as a multi-modality body therapist for you to explore different ways to meet yourself while applying care to the symptoms that are asking us to listen. 


In my background of 25+ years, much of what I have discovered on the healing path is that we need to slow down and feel, while building a greater capacity to navigate stress with better tools to get us there. This is why I offer various Bodywork styles (ie.CranialSacral Therapy), Therapeutic Massage, Fire Cupping, EnergyWork, Yoga Therapy and Meditation, Intuitive Coaching/Guidance to Shamanic Breathwork. In addition, there is an option to play and explore movement with Neurosomatic Flow (Universal Patterns), Fire Dancing (as Medicine), as well as curated immersive experiences/retreats held locally, and in the Virgin Islands.

I am trauma-informed, support the practice of consent and boundaries, decolonization, and implement Nonviolent Communication. I have a primary practice located in Long Island City, Queens, and share my time in U.S. Virgin Islands (St.Croix & St.John) 3-4 times a year. St.John was a place I once called home for 5 years.

With love, light & a little bit of shadow, 

Angela Alfieri



Our Self-Care Journey
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"I've known Angela for many years and can say without hesitation that she is the most gifted healer I have ever experienced. She possesses amazing skills, she believes in her craft whether its massage, yoga or lifestyle coaching. She genuinely cares about her clients immensely and it shows. I would unequivocally recommend Angela and tap into her vast wisdom."

Nick Chiechi

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