Angela changed my personal values around what it means to truthfully take care of myself physically and more importantly, mentally.  In our corporate wellness program at A + E, Angela infuses Hatha yoga with mindful meditation and breathing techniques.


Due to her empathic gift in sensing the class’ energy on the spot, she intuitively and spontaneously takes us through yoga postures, breath techniques, and awakening conversations around the Self and Body—leaving us completely relaxed and recharged for the rest of the evening and reconnecting our body to our soul. 

I love that she never repeats the same routine and enjoy discovering something new about myself every time I attend her program. Angela downright renovated my perception and experience around yoga and inspired me to maintain balance in my life by striving for Mind-Body-Soul unity. 

Zena J. Kim, Esq.

Attorney/Sr. Manager, Rights Management 

Legal & Business Affairs 

A+E Networks


"Angela is truly a leading authority in all things wellness and self-care. She was my first spiritual guru who exposed me tool and techniques that I now consider staples in my life: yoga, mediation, mindfulness, etc.  


Because of her extensive training in so many areas of wellness, she is truly your one stop shop to gain strength both physically and mentally--which is an amazing combination. Her very thoughtful and extremely caring nature shows up in all she does. If you are looking for someone who can help you get grounded and get clarity over you body, energy and life, I highly recommend Angela."


Seema Alexander

Powerhouse Business Strategist & Transition Coach



"Ive known Angela for many years and can say without hesitation that she is the most gifted healer i have ever experienced. She possesses amazing skills, she believes in her craft whether its massage, yoga or lifestyle coaching. She genuinely cares about her clients immensely and it shows. I would unequivocally recommend Angela and tap into her vast wisdom. Her midtown manhattan oasis is perfect and convenient. I can proudly call her a friend."



Angela taught me yoga in private sessions and I could have not been any happier with each session.  She truly caters to what you are capable of physically but at the same time pushes you to better your practice with each pose.  Angela has this great innate ability to understand how you learn and to adjust her teaching style to make you feel comfortable.  

My professional and personal life have been pretty hectic over the last few years to say the least and with each session I was able to find that balance in myself again.  I would recommend Angela to anyone looking to better their practice, better their mind, and to better themselves :)

-Stephanie M.