“The skin is no more separated from the brain than the surface of a lake is separated from its depths…to touch the surface is to stir the depths”

~Deane Juhan

Custom Massage Blend: Because no one body is created equal, the custom signature blend is more like all of your therapist's experience rolled into one little ball. Imagine all of the techniques below integrated to make your session fully customized with some added features to make your experience unforgettable. It's a given that little reflexology, scalp and face massage does a body good, but don't be surprised if I come up with something else to make you feel extra amazing to brag about when you leave.  Energy healing can also be requested.


Integrative Energy Healing:  While massage involves more touch , energy healing offers a metaphysical approach.  In your sessions, you will experience the history of a Reiki master and her attunements in re-connection, 24 strand DNA activation and Azure healing. This type of work balances the Chakras (energy centers of the body), offers a clearing to the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies and recharges your prana. These sessions often hold an angelic presence  are meant to be intuitively guided and clothes remain on unless a massage is requested to be integrated.

Swedish-Relaxation: Our most requested way start one’s day or finish it. All major muscle groups are addressed with light, medium or firm pressure and you will be melting in our hands within minutes. In addition, complimentary aromatherapy with therapeutic grade oils is added to deepen your state of relaxation. 

Deep Tissue: This massage uses a combination of firm but inviting therapeutic techniques to induce more lengthening of the fascia, muscles and joints to re-structure the physical body. But please be advised, breath is required to create the bridge for change to occur. If there is no prior experience we start slow.

Sports Massage: For the active individual, we utilize active/passive stretching, medium to firm pressure, and great suggestions to keep you in tip top shape after your session. Sports massage increases circulation and removes lactic acid build-up thereby decreasing muscle tension and promoting greater flexibility to the muscles and joints of the body.

Pre-natal Massage:  Ideal for the mother-to-be,  pre-natal massage is incorporated through the changing seasons of the woman's body to reduce fluid retention, keep range of motion in the joints, body tone and mental or emotional stress at its minimum. Each trimester naturally has specific contraindications, however we can see you in your first trimester as long as you are in good health.  We also highly recommend a post natal massage when you settle into your new role as it can assist in supporting you to integrate your new lifestyle or any potential post part-um depression.

in home (with a table)*

$275 (75 minutes)

$325 (90 minutes)

$375 (105 minutes)

$425 (120 minutes)

Cranial-Sacral Therapy (CST): Using light to medium pressure, while fully clothed,  CST releases holding patterns locked in the physical and emotional body that cause dis-ease or imbalance. Through specific techniques (many being around the head and spine) , Cranial-Sacral helps to eliminate the negative effects of stress, increases a healthier immune system, and enhances overall health by improving the function of the central nervous system. You have a choice to do a traditional session or with massage incorporated into it . 


Zero Balancing (ZB):  A session designed with your bones, joints and soft tissue in mind,  ZB, takes place with clothes on and lasts between 45-6o minutes. The intention of the practitioner is to apply light to medium pressure to both the bony structures and meridians of the body to release any blocks in the body mind system. Sessions naturally clear the roadways in the subtle energy system and assist in supporting the client to feel more balanced, lighter and in-tune with their self.

in home (with a table)*

$250 (60 minutes)

$275 (75 minutes)

$300 (90 minutes)