Angela Alfieri has been following her passion for over 15 years by empowering thousands of her clients to see their stories as a path to freedom.  With a background in psychology and holistic health coaching, Angela uses her mastery in different types of massage, energy work, yoga therapy techniques, meditation and intuitive self-care coaching as a way for them to take full responsibility and create the action they seek to be the best version of themselves.


Her approach is gentle, but fierce in that she encourages people to meet their belief systems head on that cause limitation in their lives. A common theme she encounters is that most do not know how to slow down enough to hear their own intuition, which is, naturally always seeking balance.


This is where she developed her Art of Pausing Program that she now offers online for select women and in the corporate scene where daily meditation is the foundation for individuals and groups to self-realize and develop more courage to step into self-love.


Angela loves watching her clients thrive when they implement daily rituals that thread the body, mind, heart and spirit as one, and co-create a lifestyle they love. You can find her working with her clients online, one-on-one at her office, to offering VIP days, and working with groups of entrepreneurs or in the corporate environment.